Do the images on my listings conform to the Private Property standard?

The reason for this post is to ensure all Sales / Rental listings appear in a uniform manner to ensure that no particular Seller / Estate Agent is provided with an unfair advantage with respect to his or her advertising exposure. There seems to be more listings appearing on our website that don't conform to our standard, so here we have outlined what is expected with respect to property images.

Please adhere to the following rules. With reference to the example below:

  1. We cannot entertain a watermark / Agent logo that is bigger than the stipulated dimensions as indicated below. The dimension for the technically minded is 100 x 50 px.
  2. The watermark / logo should be placed in one of the 4 corners of the image.
  3. The watermark / logo cannot be anything else but the Agent logo. Please don't indicate the property as being "rented out", "Sold", "Offer Pending" - our system provides you with the opportunity to indicate the status of the property without having to resort to manipulating the images.

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