Setting up an alert / notification

  1. You will need to be logged in in order to access the Alerts / Notifications setup
  2. Ensure you select the correct tab - either SALES or RENTALS
  3. Select "Add Suburb" to begin adding the areas in which you want to receive notifications.


  1. As indicated below - select at the lowest level the suburbs you want.
  2. You can choose "Select All Suburbs" to quickly add all suburbs within an area of interest.
  3. Click "Apply" to add the suburbs to your notification settings.



  1. Once you have added those suburbs to your selection, you can add more by selecting "Add Suburb" a second, third, fourth...time until you have all the areas and suburbs selected to meet your criteria.
  2. You want to select the relevant "Alert Settings" from the options indicated - this to suit the type and frequency of alerts you wish to be receiving.
  3. You can adjust the email address to which the alerts get sent - see "3" below. Selecting this option will navigate you away from the page and take you to the page where you edit your profile details. PLEASE NOTE:  You cannot specify another email address as a third party email address, but changing this email address will have an impact on your profile email, impacting on your profile on the system and where any other notifications are sent (leads, newsletter subscriptions).




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