Sending Emails from the website

Private Property accepts that as a website that connects people looking for property to buy, sell or rent that not everyone is using the website for these purposes alone. As a result we have had to monitor the potential abuse of the email service (leads) by Browsers on the website. This is really to protect our Users (Estate Agents & Private Owners) from being abused by people with the intent of not actually looking for property in the first place.

Should I system detect that high volumes of leads are being generated by one single email address within short periods of time, we take action with respect to making contact with the person asking them about their intent for the high volume of emails they are sending. On the back of their response we will determine whether their intent is to abuse or website to either promote their business in an unfair manner or not and then request that they reduce the volume of leads they are sending across the platform.

Should it be found that the leads being generated are of a nature not related to property at all - we reserve the right to block this email from sending any further emails on the website as this is in the best interest of protecting the Estate Agents and Private Owners who trust us to limit spam being sent to them.

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